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Misting Systems for Your Outdoors

Make your South Carolina summer experience a COOLER one with flash evaporative cooling. Whatever your experience, whether on your back deck, around your pool, on your dock on the lake, outdoor seating at your local restaurant, industrial warehouse or even your horse stables, a SouthernMist misting system is sure to keep you COOL. Our system can also enhance your yard’s landscaping with mistscaping.

The Simplicity of Misting Systems

It’s not rocket’s simple. When water droplets evaporate heat is removed, reducing the temperature. Now, add a little air flow into the equation either from wind or a misting fan and naturally evaporation is increased, removing even more heat and dropping the temperature even further. Obviously the smaller the water droplets are, the easier and quicker the water will evaporate.

Imagine the time it takes for a glass of water to totally evaporate compared to a small drop of water. This is why a misting system with a high pressure misting pump is so effective and why the misting fans that simply connect into a 60psi garden hose don’t work. The water droplets are physically larger, taking longer to evaporate and leaving you and your salsa chips soggy!

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